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Composite Fabric Expansion Joints Withstand Harsh Environments

Fabric Expansion Joint Withstands Harsh EnvironmentsFlexCom’s composite fabric expansion joints, also known as flat-belt expansion joints, are found in a variety of industrial settings such as cement kilns, power plants, boilers and pollution/waste management systems. They tolerate heat stresses up to 2200°F, pressure loads up to 10 psi and provide effective movement compensation. 

The exterior layer of FlexCom’s composite fabric expansion joints are constructed of ChemShield®, a Teflon®-coated, high strength fiberglass cloth that is laminated to a sheet of pure Teflon to form a zero porosity gas barrier. Belt edges are protected by a vermiculite-coated fiberglass cloth. The interior construction of each fabric expansion joint is determined by the specific application. Flow liners and accumulation pillows are used when required to ensure the best solution for your application.

FlexCom industrial composite fabric expansion joints are mounted to durable steel frames and are available in any configuration, including round and rectangular.

For all your custom industrial expansion joint needs, turn to FlexCom. We promise on-time delivery, consistently superior service and precision-engineered products.

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