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FlexCom Fabric Expansion Joints


FlexCom industrial fabric expansion joints create a flexible, highly durable seal between large scale industrial components to minimize seal leakage and expensive damage to ductwork and other connected components.

FlexCom composite fabric expansion joints with a rugged steel frame tolerate heat stresses and pressure loads and allow for movement compensation. Learn more about FlexCom’s composite fabric expansion joints.

FlexCom flexible fabric expansion joints are suitable for applications needing low pressure and moderate heat tolerance, minimal movement compensation and particulate resistance. They are highly effective as fan isolation joints. Learn more about FlexCom’s flexible fabric expansion joints.


Chemduit™ Fabric Expansion Joints Address Axial Movement

Chemduit™, a highly flexible fabric expansion joint, provides a reliable solution for applications requiring large axial movement. Chemduit has superior chemical and abrasion resistance, thermal stability and mechanical strength, and is especially suited for high temperatures.

An embedded stainless steel spring coil is positioned between an interior and exterior layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) forming a corrosion barrier. The layers are sealed with a heavy-duty laminate. The stainless steel spring coil allows the expansion joint to retain its shape under stress. 


Flexible Fabric Expansion Joints Offer Economical Option

FlexCom’s flexible fabric expansion joints, also known as fan isolation joints, are a lightweight, economical option for the efficient transfer of gases up to 1000°F in low pressure applications up to 5 psi. These u-belt style flexible fabric expansion joints often are used in boiler exhaust and pollution control systems. Our flexible fabric expansion joints can be designed for a wide range of temperature, moisture and pressure requirements. They are easily mounted directly to the duct flange using steel backing bars and rings. Read how Air Liquide Inc. used flexible fabric joints in two hydrogen manufacturing facilities.

FlexCom fabric expansion joints are constructed of ChemShield®, a Teflon®-coated, high strength fiberglass cloth laminated to a sheet of pure Teflon. ChemShield provides maximum strength and protection from harsh environments as well as excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and other forms of atmospheric aging.

Composite Fabric Expansion Joints Withstand Harsh Environments

FlexCom’s composite fabric expansion joints, also known as flat-belt expansion joints, are found in a variety of industrial settings such as cement kilns, power plants, boilers and pollution/waste management systems. They tolerate heat stresses up to 2200°F, pressure loads up to 10 psi and provide effective movement compensation. 

FlexCom industrial composite fabric expansion joints are mounted to durable steel frames and are available in any configuration, including round and rectangular.

November, 2004. Pushing charging machine being assembled.

Fabric Expansion Joints Made of Rugged ChemShield®, FlexLam®

The fabric components of FlexCom’s fabric expansion joints are made of highly durable and versatile thermoplastic composite fabrics that have exceptional resistance to high temperature, chemical attack and particulate abrasion.

ChemShield®. ChemShield is a composite material consisting of a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thermoplastic film laminated to a PTFE-coated fiberglass cloth, providing excellent temperature and pressure tolerances. ChemShield’s surface is inert to nearly all chemicals and solvents with the exception of molten alkali and gaseous fluorine and is highly resistant to moisture. Due to the extremely low friction coefficient of PTFE, ChemShield is exceptionally resistant to abrasions caused by particulate solids suspended in the gas stream. Chemshield also provides excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and other forms of atmospheric aging.

FlexLam®. FlexLam is a multi-ply fabric created by laminating one or more layers of ChemShield onto a thick, woven fiberglass cloth. FlexLam has superior tensile strength, temperature resistance up to 1000°F and overall durability. The outer layer of ChemShield provides a flexible gas barrier while the inner, nonwoven fiberglass mat provides additional temperature protection. 

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FlexCom’s custom metal bellows are made from high quality alloys and handle pressure up to 300 psi, temperature loads up to 2500°F and the transfer of liquids through joints and surrounding piping. FlexCom designs and builds each metal bellows to your specifications to ensure these highly sensitive components can reliably negotiate a wide range of challenging load requirements.

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