Metal Bellows & Fabric Expansion Joints from FlexCom

FlexCom® designs and builds rectangular and round, custom industrial metal bellows and fabric expansion joints, delivered on time, every time. Our rugged fabric expansion joints and metal bellows expansion joints are precision engineered to your specifications to withstand heat, pressure, movement, vibration and abrasion in the most challenging industrial environments. FlexCom also offers the design and manufacture of fabricated industrial dampers. FlexCom fabric expansion joints, metal bellows and industrial dampers are installed throughout the United States and around the world. Emergency delivery is available. Visit our Resource Documents Page for Fabric Expansion Joint Material Spec Sheets. Experience the difference — call FlexCom today for a quote.

Fabric Expansion Joint Manufacturing

Case Studies

Applying Custom Dampers To Industrial Process Control, Airflow Modulation, and Airflow Shutdown

Choosing the optimal dampers for industrial process control rests on a large set of variables. Dampers that may promote the most efficient industrial air control in one application might not be the optimal choice for another application. The type of industrial air that needs to be controlled  – clean air, particulate air, corrosive gas, or…

Custom U-Belt™ Flexible Connectors: Highly Customizable, Easy to Install, Cost-Efficient, and Durable

When FlexCom engineers and designers brainstormed versatile solutions — highly customizable, easy to install, cost efficient — the result was the U-Belt™ flexible connector. U-Belt™ flexible connectors enhance a wide range of applications, whether used in new installations or for refurbishing and repairs. FlexCom creates U-Belts shapes and sizes custom-made for the application. The all-fabric…

Maximizing Landfill Energy Plant Benefits with Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Landfill waste-to-energy plants and gas-to-energy plants provide a number of benefits to the environment, to the community, and to the landfill owners and operators themselves. The degree to which landfill energy plants provide the benefits hinges on the efficiency of the plants. More efficient gas-to-energy or waste-to-energy plants trap and eliminate more environmental hazards; provide…

For Industrial Air-Moving, Fan Isolation Joints Take Care of Fans

You need to take care of the fans. It’s true in any line of work — you need to take care of the most enthusiastic customers and colleagues. Yet nowhere is taking care of fans more important than in the business of heavy-duty industrial blowers, industrial air-moving equipment, and industrial fans. Industrial fan manufacturers who…

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints from FlexCom Help IndyCar Manufacturer to Finish Line

In an industry where success rides on machine performance, teams trust their machines to FlexCom. A major manufacturer of IndyCar and FomulaOne racing engines relies on FlexCom custom metal bellows expansion joints at their dynamometer test cells, where racecar engines are tested to see if they have what it takes to compete at world-class levels.…

HRSGs Designed with Custom Expansion Joint Technology from an Experienced Manufacturer Lead to Greater Operational Efficiency

When it comes to equipping a sophisticated machine like a Heat Recovery Steam Generator with damage-mitigating expansion joints, a sophisticated, experienced manufacturer matters. Professionals know that Custom Industrial Expansion Joints are critical for the energy efficiency, operational efficiency, and cost efficiency of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) due to their strong ability to mitigate damage…

Expansion Joint Challenges In Gas Turbine Exhaust Applications

Designing an effective custom expansion joint for a GTX (Gas Turbine Exhaust) application requires strict attention to a number of unique engineering problems. Typically installed in the vital space between the turbine duct and exhaust duct, a GTX expansion joint represents a single point of failure – if the joint fails, the plant ceases to operate as the…

NV Energy Case Study

Customer: NV Energy • Las Vegas, NV NV Energy, Inc. provides electricity and natural gas to more than two million customers throughout Nevada and parts of California. The company’s service area covers approximately 54,500 square miles. Challenge The Edward W. Clark Generating Station, dating back to 1954, is the oldest steam-generated power plant in Nevada. Today,…

Air Liquide Case Study

Customer: Air Liquide Inc. • Houston, TX Air Liquide Inc., located in 80 countries, is a world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health. Air Liquide has more than 5,000 U.S. employees, over 200 locations including more than 140 industrial gas plants and approximately 2,000 miles of pipeline. Challenge Air Liquide’s Hydrogen Manufacturing…

Understanding Cycle Life in Expansion Joints

Industrial expansion joints, by their very nature, are designed and fabricated to compensate for a combination of heat, pressure, movement, vibration and abrasion. An expansion joint, however, is not itself immune to these same stresses and inevitably will fail as it reaches the end of its design life.  The design engineer must create an industrial…

Fabric Expansion Joint Types

Custom Fabric Expansion Joints

Industrial fabric expansion joints are available with or without a frame. Framed flat belt composite expansion joints accommodate operating temperatures up to 2000°F and gas pressure up to 5 psi. Our U-belt flexible connectors, also known as fan isolation joints, are lightweight, easy to install, economical and accommodate operating temperatures up to 1000°F.

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Metal bellows expansion joints are made from high quality alloys and can accommodate high pressure up to 300 psi, very high temperatures and/or liquid transfers. FlexCom metal bellows are custom designed to meet your exact specifications.

Large Metal Bellows Expansion Joint
Louver Industrial Damper

Industrial Dampers

FlexCom offers the design and manufacture of fabricated industrial dampers. For everything from industrial ventilation to heavy duty pollution control, our dampers are the perfect fit.

With extensive experience, our production team can solve your damper problems from lightweight industrial ventilation to high temperature, high pressure industrial process applications.

The FlexCom Difference

Founded in 1991, FlexCom designs and fabricates custom industrial fabric expansion joints and metal bellows made to your specifications. At FlexCom, we take customer service seriously. We promise on-time delivery, consistently superior service and precision-engineered products that provide the optimum solution to all of your industrial expansion joint needs.